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Business Development Engineer (Binh Duong)

Mondelēz Kinh Đô Việt Nam

26 VSIP, Street 8, Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

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Mô tả công việc

• Department : Integrated Supply Chain
• Reporting to : Business Development Manager
• Working location : Binh Duong
A / General scope of work:
Ensure New Product Development projects (NPD’s), as requested by customers, are translated into plant projects/plans that are executed on-time and within-budget, delivering the physically-desired finished products.
He/she will also ensure NPD’s are coordinated with all plant projects and plans, to ensure objectives are aligned across all categories, with the ultimate objective of meeting the plant’s CAPEX/Expense Budgets
B / Main responsibilities:
1. NPD Capital Project Development, Coordination, and Launch
• Lead Idea To Market (I2M) process within the plant
• Represent the plant in discussions with client business units (BU’s), regarding all New Product Development (NPD) - related projects
• Ensure all plant functions are aligned on NPD’s, and collect relevant input from those plant-functions, to be delivered to the customers for Project Development Requests (PDR’s) and Launch Requests (LR’s).
• Ensure project creation, approval and implementation (in coordination with Business Development-Engineering); fully meeting the needs and purposes of the BU’s NPD
• Ensure “conversion NPD-launch” preparation and successful product launch via adequate coordination across all involved functions (local and regional: BU, R&D, Procurement, Plant Controlling, Manufacturing, PL&P, HR, QA, S&E etc.), contingencies and communication, fully meeting the needs and purposes of the BU’s project.
2. Technical Expertise
• Provide technical input for NPD’s, during initial discussions with BU’s, and during detailed discussions with plant functions
• Assist project engineers during the detailed preparation of NPD projects, including Capital Appropriation Request (CAR) write-ups, approvals, equipment purchase, equipment installation, and final equipment & process commissioning.
• Provide technical expertise during the evaluation of offers for NPD projects, as well as during the equipment installation and commissioning.
3. Budgeting
• Ensure NPD-volumes are budgeted, and executed within the agreed budgets and agreed financial budget.
• Coordinate with project engineers for pre-engineering and cost-calculations, expenditure planning, and overall project scheduling.
• Approve capital appropriation requests, ensuring cost and timing alignment with approved LR’s.
4. Installation and Know How Transfer
• Ensure that relevant know-how is known by project team and adequately utilized.
• Coordinate with the Project Engineers and M&R teams during the installation of new equipment/machinery, as well as during the commissioning phase with the afore-mentioned team in addition to Conversion/CI, to ensure target performance is achieved as planned.
• Coordinate with R&D and Conversion/CI during the implementation of R&D-developed NPD-Production Process, and the training of line operators on that process.
5. Contracting Suppliers
• Research and identify potential suppliers, in line with Mondelēz policies and supplier management strategies, to increase the plant’s “library of knowledge” of technical requirements and solutions for the processing of the widest possible range of products within the currently produced categories
• Co-ordination with Procurement to facilitate initial contact with suppliers, as well as ensuring supplier-specific requirements/conditions are met in the issued orders, if acceptable to Mondelēz…
6. People Management
• Lead the NPD project-implementation team at the plant (including equipment purchase and installation), ensuring the I2M timeline is executed as planned.
7. Presentations and Periodic Reporting
• Present the plant’s production capabilities (including range of products that can be produced now at no investment), capacities, and objectives/priorities to the BU on a quarterly basis
• Advise the BU on the expected implementation-complexity for suggested NPD-ideas
• Follow-up, and periodically publish updates on the projects’ requirements, timelines, costs…, as well as relation to other NPD’s and projects
• Actual Impacts of the NPD on the plant
8. Continuous Improvement
• Participate in screening and evaluation of all identified improvement opportunities and ideas. Creatively group those ideas into technically feasible concepts. Share and communicate potential concepts to identify potential projects.
• Develop and monitor the following KPI’s
9. GMP/MIA/ ISO Audit Expectations
• Observes Good Manufacturing Practices by following its guidelines to protect the company products from possible contamination and rejection.
• Reports all deficiencies contrary to Mondelēz audit expectation by informing his immediate superior of such defect or gap so that appropriate corrective action could be immediately made to avoid, if not aborted, further damage to the operations.
• Ensures that ISO/ MIA guidelines / procedures are observes by following strictly the Engineering procedures and work instruction in order to pass ISO/ MIA audits
10. Safety/ Health/ Environment Affairs
• Ensures that all plant equipment, facilities, utilities related to projects comply with statutory regulations, company policy, Mondelēz Engineering Standards in order to provide safe working environment.
• Observes a safe working environment by following guidelines in using the proper wearing of personnel protective equipment while in the plant and by reporting to his immediate superior all unsafe acts and conditions to protect himself from accidents and the company assets from damage as well as the safety of his colleagues
• Participants in environment and health affairs by promoting awareness and refraining from acts, which are detrimental to the environment and health in order to ensure compliance to administrative and government regulations

Yêu cầu công việc

- Master or Bachelor Degree in related discipline
- Min 3 years of work experience as Project Engineer within a Kraft plant or 4 -5 years at any FMCG (pref. food manufacturing) plant
- Experience in managing projects involving several functions
- Strong analytical to solve processing issues.
- Strong planning and organizing skill
- Project Management skill
- Demonstrated Leadership Skills
- Strong coordination skill with other functions
- Strong motivational and influencing skills

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- 13th month salary, Performance Bonus
- Health & Private Insurance
- 15 annual leave days

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