Mondelēz Kinh Đô Việt Nam

Senior Business Development Manager (Binh Duong)

Mondelēz Kinh Đô Việt Nam

26 VSIP, Street 8, Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

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Mô tả công việc

• Department : Integrated Supply Chain
• Reporting to : ISC Lead, VN & BKD
• Working location : Binh Duong Plant
A / General scope of work:
This position is accountable for planning, leading, and execution of the company key projects including Capex, cash flow management, master plans (facility and asset long-range plans) green field, brown field, expansion plans, NPD Projects and special projects which drive plant productivity, capacity, product quality, technical agenda, and safety/health/Environmental improvement.
B / Main responsibilities:
1. Projects – Develop, Plan, Execute Capital/ Capacity/Productivity/NPD
• Investigates, evaluates, plans, consults, implements assigned projects by ensuring that the set objectives are met by timely completion of the project within budgeted cost.
• Prepares conceptual studies and/ or plant expansion proposal by developing preliminary engineering designs and budgetary estimates in order to provide management with timely and complete project information and feasibility upon which to base decision
• Actively seeks technical and plant operation information by keeping abreast with current plant capacities, efficiencies, HSE and quality issues in order to ensure all relevant data are secured and analyzed for effective project planning and continually offer new ideas to improve plant performance.
2. Creation of flexibility and capability with focus on zero losses and 100% engagement
• Initiate step change productivity planning leveraging technology and asset through translation of loss analysis into initiatives filling the funnel for the plants profit sustaining and enhancing project portfolio.
• Support site /cluster engineering manager on developing and rolling out of standards in cooperation with the regional/global engineering organization.
• Development and roll out of break through ideas in close cooperation with cross-functional partners on site and regional level including Research Development & Quality, Procurement and related functions to support strategies
3. Build capability on site level required to ensure Vertical Start up:
• Support the implementation of the IIM Pillar together with the Site/Cluster Engineering Manager through building pillar capability and governance as a first and project team capabilities as a second step.
• Ensure and manage the competence and skills development for asset hand-over and care (part of Technology transfer and training of new initiatives)
4. New Product Launch and Modification
• Lead technical assessments, capability studies and capital execution for new product launches and modification in cooperation with key partners namely Business Development, Research and Development, Procurement
• Lead breakthrough thinking bringing new ideas and possibilities. Lead or co-lead new equipment and/or process development
• Support harmonization of manufacturing processes and de-complexity of product portfolio working with Business Development partners
5. Capability building
• Capability development within the AMEA Engineering & BD teams
• Leads regional technology network.
• Assist in development of training materials & activities
• Capability building / mentoring STO network
6. Standardization
• Engineering design: process & pack bloc flow diagram, flow sheet, capacity, performance waterfall, line manning, specifications & request for quotation, layout, D-Fmea & MP workshop, CTP & CTQ definition…
• Ensure, for the region, that as we install future lines with this technology that they are based on the defined global standard
• Co-ordinate improvement activities on existing lines in the region based on re-applying globally approved changes to best practice
• Escalate nonstandard exceptions to the GTO
7. Growth and Innovation
• Provide technical leadership on this technology for new investments in the region
• Participate in technology development within region
8. Cost Control / Productivity
• Investigate and Identify concepts and new method and their application to new and existing processes/ procedures by continually seeking technical information and feedback from the plant end user in order to support productivity program efforts, resolve problems and gain economic advantage/ productivity improvement that are aligned with the Integrated Lean Six Sigma Principles
• Ensure all purchase requisitions comply with the Mondelez Procurement requirements
• Support the update on MBD Project Monthly Reporting and prepare Monthly CAPEX Tracking and coordinate with each project Lead for each CAPEX Project for monthly tracking CAPEX spending
• Support the coordination, as required, among RCT, plant cross functional team & Global Engineering to deliver productivity/ cost reduction projects planned to be implemented by Plant
9. Safety/ Health/ Environment Affairs
• Ensures that all plant equipment, facilities, utilities related to projects comply with statutory regulations, company policy, Mondelēz Engineering Standards in order to provide safe working environment.
• Observes a safe working environment by following guidelines in using the proper wearing of personnel protective equipment while in the plant and by reporting to his immediate superior all unsafe acts and conditions to protect himself from accidents and the company assets from damage as well as the safety of his colleagues
• Participants in environment and health affairs by promoting awareness and refraining from acts, which are detrimental to the environment and health in order to ensure compliance to administrative and government regulations
10. Deliver equipment designs according to IL6S requirements (AM step3, PM step 2)
• Use Integrated Lean 6 Sigma tools and practices and ensure Early Management process steps are in place.
• Coordinate and facilitate change management processes within the global engineering community to drive standards linking with technology platforms. Maintain the Maintenance Prevention Database
11. GMP/MIA/ ISO Audit Expectations
• Observes Good Manufacturing Practices by following its guidelines to protect the company products from possible contamination and rejection.
• Reports all deficiencies contrary to Mondelēz audit expectation by informing his immediate superior of such defect or gap so that appropriate corrective action could be immediately made to avoid, if not aborted, further damage to the operations.
• Ensures that ISO/ MIA guidelines / procedures are observes by following strictly the Engineering procedures and work instruction in order to pass ISO/ MIA audits

Yêu cầu công việc

• University degree in Engineering
• Minimum 10 years and cross-functional experience in Manufacturing, Engineering, Business Development, Projects, Quality...
• Fundamental know how and experience in food processes and products
• Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills to manage cross
• Strong people management skills
• Results driven with proven ability to handle complexity
• Very good project management skills and knowledge about new product launch, commercialization and I2M
• Strong coordination skill with other functions
• Excellent of English language

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- 13th month salary, Performance Bonus
- Health & Private Insurance
- 15 annual leave days

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